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With an honest voice that millennials connect with, Tim Paige is the go-to guy for brands like The CW, NBC, The UFC, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and more. Scroll down to take a listen to some current projects, check out the studio, and request a custom audition today!


Tim Paige’s voice in action!


Tim at work

tim paige voiceover home studio

Sound proof & sound treated booth

Sennheiser 416 & Neumann TLM103

Universal Audio Apollo Twin

ISDN, Source-Connect, ipDTL, Phone Patch

Adobe Audition


Some of Tim’s featured work

Tim Paige for The CW Television Network
Tim Paige for Jimmy Kimmel Live
Tim Paige for Ultimate Fighting Championship
Tim Paige for NBC
Tim Paige for Mitsubishi
Tim Paige for Comcast
Tim Paige for The Travel Channel
Tim Paige for Romano's Macaroni Grill
Tim Paige for Tomy
Tim Paige for Starbucks
Tim Paige for Bank of America
Tim Paige for The Smithsonian Channel


Get in touch with Tim or his agents below

tim paige represented by the vox agency

Promo, Commercial, Trailer, Interactive, Animation, Narration, Corporate:

Micaela Hicks

Tim Paige voice over talent for SAG-AFTRA

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